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Sellus Corporation was established
Patent application (No. 10-2014-0091657, "Ginsenosides F1 manufacturing method by using cellulose KN")
Participated in Japan Trade Mission
Competed Chungbuk Global CEO course
Participated in Hong Kong Food Exhibition
Participated in the 13th World Korean Business Convention
Participated in Osong International bio industry expo
Participated in Guangzhou Canton Fair
Participated in FHC China 2014 Fair
Sellus Health Corporation ginseng health drinks, Built factory
Established Sellus Health Corporation
Sellus basic bio institute was recognized as company affiliated research center
Completed new Sellus factory. (620-27, Yongtandong, Chungjusi, Chungbuk) [quasi drugs, functional foods]
Implemented Creant herbal esthetic Biz
Established Medi Sellus Corporation, Registered Creant company name
Established Sellus Corporation (Built factory for cosmetics)
Established Sellus Touch shop corporation
production of cosmetics, Established Sellus Corporation
Built Accra wave application research center which is affiliated to Sellus Corporation
Merged BSL Corporation
Built Sellus
Completed hyphal production facility in Eumsung plant
Raw food packaging line of Eumsung factory, Completed capsule filling line
Production of healthy drinks and raw food
Transformed into BSL corporation
Built bio ceramic production factory
Developed personal combination stimulator Sellus
(S-PERSE: Thermal treatment device)
Established Sellus Corporation
ISO 9001 acquisition
ISO 14000 acquisition
Acquisition of medical equipment manufacturing license
Acquisition of medical article permission
Completed construction of Eumsung factory (Land: 2500 pyeong / total floor space: 400 pyeong)
BSL establishment