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Corporate Symbol of Sellus is primarily based on Alphabet 'S' of Sellus.
Shape of the 'S' is derived from source of Sellus, harmony of the Earth
and moon.
Orientation of the symbol is to express futuristic corporate image.

Corporate Symbol of Sellus is comprehensively applied to official
indications and all media to play active communicating role for
corporate image delivery.
Sellus Logotype reflects global and stylish corporate image that Sellus pursues.
Sellus Logotype has been developed in English and Korean. Representative logotype of Sellus is basically used in English.
Main color which represents Sellus, is Green color since Green color symbolizes warm and useful image for health.
Pantone 296-2 CVS is used for Sellus Green, and Pantone Cool Gray 6 CVC is used for Sellus Gray.
Main color of Sellus is the most important component to form Sellus corporate image with Corporate Symbol and Logotype.
SELLUS Green (Pantone 296-2 CVS)
C: 40% M: 00% Y: 80% K:20%
R:123 G:168 B:52
SELLUS Gray (Pantone Cool Gray 6 CVC)
C: 00% M: 00% Y: 00% K:38%
R:158 G:158 B:158